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2018 Model Release

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Being a client or model for Graciela Torres Photography, I grant permission for my images to be used in print or digital form on the photographer's blog, website, social media accounts (including Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter), printed sample items for studio, advertisements and promotions. While reasonable effort will be made to properly credit images appearing in print and digital format on other platforms, it is understood that my name may not be included/credited in every form of publication. I also understand that Graciela Torres cannot be held responsible for the misuse or miscredit of my images by others once the images have been placed online in digital format. I further waive any and all rights to review or approve the images prior to their print or digital release for the photographer's use. I understand that I am able to use the images of myself taken by Graciela Torres for my own portfolio, personal print, and/or social media accounts, but only with proper credit given to Graciela Torres (Either by business name, Twitter/Instagram handle, Facebook tag, or website credit). I understand that I am not to altar the images in any way other than to crop for social media purposes. Filters and re-edits are not permitted. I understand that I will not be held liable for the misuse/miscredit of the photographer's work by others once the images have been placed online in digital format by me, as long as I have done my part in properly crediting the photographer and any/all involved parties (wardrobe stylists, photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists, venue, jewelers, etc etc). photographer cannot be responsible for removing my images that may have been featured on a third party's website. I understand that, if I am a model represented by an agency or independent agent, I am solely responsible for making this information known to the photographer prior to shooting, and the photographer has agreed to the agency's terms prior to releasing any images to me. I am of legal age (18 years or older.) ONCE REVIEWED, PLEASE TYPE FULL NAME BELOW ACKNOWLEDGING AGREEMENT OF THIS RELEASE *

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